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The Engine settings page allows you to create a dedicated Browser Engine for isolation. You can set various options like JavaScript, Proxy or security related options.


Use Dedicated Engine

If checked, a new web browser engine will be created for isolation.




A two lower case letter ISO 639-1 language code. For example, you can set it to "fr" to use French for all UI messages. In case a language can have multiple variations, you can use four letter culture name in the format languagecode2-country/regioncode2. For example, "en-US" for U.S. English, and "en-GB" for United Kingdom English. Not all languages are supported. In case you set an unsupported language, U.S. English will be used.


Load Images

If enabled, images are automatically loaded.


Allow Zooming

If enabled, the zoom factor can be changed in the browser.


Allow JavaScript

If enabled, JavaScript is allowed in the browser.


Allow Clipboard Access

If enabled, the Clipboard can be accessed using JavaScript.


Allow Close Window

If enabled, images are automatically loaded.



Allow Plugins

If enabled, plugins can be loaded.


Disable Built-In Plugins

If enabled, built-in plugins (such as the built-in PDF plugin) will be disabled.


Additional Plugin Directories

Specify additional plugin directories (in each line) to search for additional plugins.



Proxy Mode

The following proxy modes are available:



When you select Use Secure Gateway as proxy server you also need to configure the Secure Gateway settings of the web page connection.


Proxy Server

Specifies the host name of the proxy server.



Specifies the proxy port to be used.



Specify a list of hosts to bypass the proxy server. You can separate multiple hosts with " " (space), "," or ";".



The following credential modes are available:



Assigning existing credentials using the name is recommended when a team of users share the same configuration file.

Each user can define a credential with the same name in his own personal and protected document.

This makes sharing files across team members very easy while keeping credentials safe.

See Work with Personal Credentials in a Shared Document for more information.



Disable GPU

Disables the GPU when the browser renders a page.


Disable Spell Checker

Disables the browser built-in spell checker.


Disable Web Security

Disables same-origin policy enforcement.


Disable XSS Auditor

Disables same-origin policy enforcement.


Cache Path

Specify a custom path to cache browser files and cookies.


Custom User Agent

Specify a custom user agent string.


Custom CSS

Specify one or more style rules which should be applied to the document.