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The Dashboard page allows you to setup the default dashboard behavior for this connection. Dashboards are updated when a selection has changed. By default, the dashboard tab is shown and activated for inactive connections.



Use the plugin default settings

If selected, Royal TS will use the plugin default settings for the dashboard. You can change the plugin default settings by clicking on the Settings... button. Changes to the plugin default settings will affect all connections using the same plugin and the default settings. See also: Plugins


Use connection specific settings

If selected, Royal TS allows you to configure the dashboard settings for the connection.


Dashboard Settings

Show web page in dashboard

If checked, Royal TS will load the configured web connection in the dashboard. This is useful if you just want to quickly look at a status reporting page, for example.


The browser session is lost as soon as you change your selection in the Navigation panel. To keep web connections active just connect to the Web Page using the Connect command.


See also: Web Page