Display Options

Display Options

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The Display Options page allows you to configure font settings and appearance settings.




Select the font used for the terminal control.


Font Size

Select the font size used for the terminal control.


Font is Bold

If checked, the terminal will print all characters bold.


Font Quality

Specify the font quality (anti-aliasing mode).


Cursor Appearance

Configure the appearance of the cursor.


Hide Mouse Pointer when Typing

If checked, the mouse pointer is hidden while you type.


Blink Cursor

Enable or disable cursor blinking.


Enable Blinking Text

Enable or disable blinking text.



Terminal Columns

Enter the number of columns for the terminal. This setting will only be applied on specific window resize actions.


Terminal Rows

Enter the number of rows for the terminal. This setting will only be applied on specific window resize actions.


Window Resize Action

Configure how PuTTY should behave when the window is resized.


Display Scrollbar

Shows or hides the scrollbar in the terminal.


Sunken-Edge Border

Show or hide a sunken-edge border.


Gap between Text and Window Edge

Configure the gap between text and border.


External Window

Window Title

By default the window title will contain the host name followed by ‘PuTTY’, for example server1.example.com - PuTTY. If you want a different window title, this is where to set it. The title string set here is therefore only the initial window title.


Separate Window and Icon Titles

If you want to see window and icon titles, enable this option.


Warn before closing Window

When checked, a warning is shown before the window is closed.


Close Window on Alt-F4

Control whether Alt-F4 will close the window or not.


Show System Menu on Alt-Space

If checked, Alt-Space will bring up the system menu.


Ensure Window is Always on Top

If checked, the PuTTY window will be always on top.


Full Screen on Alt-Enter

If checked, Alt-Enter will change the PuTTY window into Full Screen mode.