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The Performance page allows you to configure various Remote Desktop settings which will directly impact the connection performance.



Connection Speed

On Windows 7/Windows Server 2008R2 you need to set the Connection Speed to LAN in order to enable RemoteFX. On Windows 8/Windows Server 2012 this isn't a requirement anymore but you should set it to LAN speed if you are connecting to the server with a high speed connection. The connection speed setting will affect the bandwidth usage in your RDP connections.


Text Cursor Blinking

If checked, blinking for the text cursor is allowed.


Mouse Cursor Shadow

If checked, the shadow is displayed for the mouse cursor.


Desktop Background

If not checked, no wallpaper is displayed in the remote session.


Font Smoothing

If checked, allows "Clear Type" to render text.


Desktop Composition (Aero)

If checked, allows "Aero" user interface to be rendered.


Show Window Contents while Dragging

If not checked, only the window outline is displayed when a window is moved.


Menu Animations

If not checked, menu and window animations are not displayed.


Visual Styles

If not checked, themes are ignored and not displayed.



If checked, DirectX is available in the remote session.


Hardware Acceleration

If checked, hardware acceleration will be used where supported. Overview thumbnails may not work with hardware acceleration enabled.


Bandwidth Detection

Specifies if bandwidth changes are automatically detected.



Font Smoothing and Desktop Composition (Aero) requires Windows Vista/Windows 2008 or later.

DirectX requires Windows 7/Windows 2008R2 or later on the client and on the server as well as DirectX capabilities on the client.

Bandwidth Detections is new in RDP8 (included since Windows 8/Windows 2012) and is required on both, the client and the server.


Cache Size

Caching and memory management drastically changed in RDP version 8 (when connecting from a Windows 8/Server 20112 to another Windows 8/Server 2012) and will take much more client side memory as with previous RDP versions. The cache size setting allows you to configure how much client side memory Royal TS should use for RDP 8 connections.