PowerShell Connection

PowerShell Connection

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The PowerShell Connection can be used to execute a PowerShell command or script and display the output from one or more computers in a grid view or as text.



The results of the PowerShell script is shown in the Dashboard panel when you select a PowerShell Connection in the Navigation panel.


The dashboard can also display the script output as text:




The PowerShell Connection relies on PSRemoting. To make sure that the PowerShell script can be executed on the remote machines, make sure the following requirements are in place:

  • All the necessary firewall ports must be open
  • WinRM must be configured correctly
  • Enable-PSRemoting command must be executed on the remote machine
  • The credentials set in the connection properties have the required permission on the remote machine.


Royal Server Support

The dashboard data can also be gathered using a Royal Server. For more information about Royal Server, click here.


Dashboard Settings

To configure the application default settings for the included dashboard, open the Plugins Management and click on Dashboard for the PowerShell Connection plugin.

To configure individual dashboard settings for a connection, use the Dashboard property page.


Plugin Settings

The PowerShell Connection plugin does not offer any plugin settings at this time.


Connection Properties

The PowerShell Connection Properties dialog is shown: