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The Troubleshooting page allows you to specify your contact information that will be appended to the error reports by Royal TS and also lets you reset application settings.


Error Reporting

Leave name and email address blank to send error reports anonymously.



Enter your name.


Email Address
Enter your email address which we should use to contact you.


Test Crash Report
A test crash report is generated allowing you to test if a crash report can be submitted.


Reset Settings

Delete EasyHook DLLs

Deletes the EasyHook files from the user profile directory. After the files have been deleted, you can re-download them in the Dashboard/Overview tab.


Reset Dock Panel Layout

Resets the docking layout to the default setting (Navigation panel on the left).


Reset Quick Access Toolbar (QAT)

The quick access toolbar (by default above the ribbon) customization will be reset.


Reset Recent Files and Folder List

The recent files and folder list in the backstage view/application menu will be reset.


Reset All Settings

All the above settings as well as all options are reset.