Key Sequence Task

Key Sequence Task

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A Key Sequence Task allows you to send a sequence of key strokes (like a recorded keyboard macro) to one or more active connections. Royal TS will simulate keyboard input as it would be typed on your computer. This is a great way to automate repetitive tasks or execute the same command on multiple sessions at once.



The Task Dashboard is shown in the Dashboard panel when you select a Task (Command Task or Key Sequence Task) in the Navigation panel.




Task Context


Key sequence tasks can only be executed on active connections, therefore the task context for those tasks will only show active connections.


Do not interfere in any way (switching to other connections, applications, pressing any keys, etc.) during key sequence task execution. The status bar will notify you (text in red) when the key sequence started and (text in green) when it ended.


Plugin Settings

To configure the Key Sequence Task plugin settings, open the Plugins Management and click on Settings for the Key Sequence Task plugin:


Key Stroke Pause Interval:

Configure the pause interval in ms between key strokes.


Key Sequence Task Properties

The Key Sequence Task Properties dialog is shown:


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