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The Credential page allows you to configure a credential object with a username and password.


Credential Properties

Display Name (required)

Enter a display name for object.


Assigning credentials to connections using the name is recommended when a team of users share the same configuration file. Each user can define a credential with the same name in his own personal and protected document.

This makes sharing files across team members very easy while keeping credentials safe.

See Working with Personal Credentials in a Shared Document for more information.



Click the color picker button in the display name text box to select a color. In the User Interface settings you can configure to show the color in the navigation tree, the connection tab or as connection border.



Click the icon picker button next in the display name text box to select and assign a custom icon to the object.



Enter the username for the credential. For domain accounts use the "domain\username" syntax.



Enter the password for the credential.


Enter a description for the object.


See also: Work with Credentials