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About Connections

Royal TS can handle multiple connection types (Remote Desktop, Terminals, Web Pages, etc.) and protocols. Some connection types are supported by different Plugins. A terminal connection, for example, is supported by the Rebex based plugin and by the PuTTY based plugin.


About Plugins

Using the Plugins dialog you can configure plugin related settings (when available) and which plugin Royal TS should use by default. You can also configure the default dashboard settings. To open the plugins management dialog, click the Plugins command on the VIEW ribbon tab.


All available plugins are already shipped and installed with Royal TS. There's no need to download or install anything (except for depending executables for some plugins). Our plugin architecture is still a closed API which, at the moment, does not allow 3rd party plugins.


To switch between default plugins or configure plugin and dashboard settings, select the Connection Type in the Plugins dialog and select a plugin in the Registered Plugins list. The following options are available for each selected plugin: