Command Task

Command Task

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The Command Task page allows you to configure basic task settings.


Command Task Properties

Display Name (required)

Enter a display name for object.



Click the color picker button in the display name text box to select a color. In the User Interface settings you can configure to show the color in the navigation tree, the connection tab or as connection border.



Click the icon picker button next in the display name text box to select and assign a custom icon to the object.


Enter a description for the object.


No confirmation required

If checked, tasks executed from the Favorite Command Tasks menu do not show the Task Context confirmation window.


You should only check this option for simple and harmless tasks, such as PING. Tasks which can cause damage if executed for the wrong selection (such as a reboot) should not have checked this option.

A task executed from the Navigation panel or Tasks panel always requires confirmation, regardless of the setting.


See also Working with Tasks