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The Command page allows you to configure which command should be executed.


Command Properties


Specify a program or batch file to execute.


Specify arguments for the command.


Use the fly-out button to the right to show a list of available replacement tokens.

You may also use environment variables (such as %TEMP%).


Working Directory

Specify the working directory for the command.


Tasks are always executed locally (on the machine where Royal TS is running) but in context of a selection of connections. Using replacement tokens you can inject values from the selected connection(s) (such as custom fields or the URI, even username and password). Executing a task against multiple connections will start one command for each connection.


To execute tasks on the remote machine, you can make use of tools like psexec (from Microsoft).


About the OS X tab

Since Royal TSX for macOS can also be used to work with your Royal TS documents, you can specify a different command configuration for macOS. Some commands may have a slightly different syntax but basically do the same. To prevent users from creating multiple tasks with the same function for each platform, you can specify a different command configuration for macOS.