Open LastPass Vault

Open LastPass Vault

Advanced > Import Data >

Opening a LastPass Vault

The following example assumes that you've already have a LastPass account with credentials:

  1. Click the File ribbon tab to open the backstage view.
  2. Select Open in the backstage view and click on External Credential Vault.
  3. Select LastPass Vault.
  4. Click on Open to start the import.
  5. In the following prompt, provide the credentials for your LastPass account.
    Either enter your username and password for your LastPass account or select an existing credential which contains the username and password for your LastPass account.
  6. After you have been authenticated successfully, you will see the credentials of your LastPass account in the Navigation panel.


Once the LastPass credentials are available in the Navigation panel, you can assign any credential in your connections as usual.



Not all Multifactor Authentication methods may work. So far we were able to successfully test Google Authenticator, Transakt and YubiKey.